An Unfortunate Day

Topics: Teacher, Public transport, Bus stop Pages: 2 (614 words) Published: November 28, 2010
Find the meaning of the proverbs / phrasal verbs below. Then, fill in the blanks with the correct proverbs / phrasal verbs.

It was a very unfortunate day for Rahim. He woke up late as he had ____________. studying for his coming PMR examination. At first he was thinking of not coming to school, ___________ he could ____________________ to his grandmother, but examination is just around the corner. It was already 7 in the morning, he took a quick bath and got dressed. Skipping his breakfast, he dashed to the bus stop to catch the bus. Then, after 5 minutes looking for the seat in the crowded bus, finally he managed to sit next to a big, fat lady who took almost the whole seat to herself. _____________, after 10 minutes of journey, the bus stalled in front of a traffic light!

He could not wait any longer as he was already late for school. So, he alighted from the bus and took a short cut trail to school. As he was walking, he whistled to the melodious sound of the chirping birds. After a few minutes of walking, suddenly he saw something around the bushes. It was a black leather bag. Curiously, he opened the bag to know what was inside.

He was so shocked to see that the bag was actually full of money and jewelleries too! In his whole life, he never saw such a lot of money like that. Usually, he received two ringgit a day from his kind, lovely grandmother. Rahim was an orphan. He lost his parents in a tragic accident two years ago. Now, he lived with his beloved grandmother. They were ______________ . Rahim looked around and there was nobody to be seen. Something bad _______________. He could use the money to pay for the school fee. After that, he could buy a motorcycle so it would be easier for him to go to school. Then, he remembered his late mother’s advice. “ Rahim, my son. Eventhough we are poor, never steal. Do not do anything...
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