An Unforgettable Memory Essay 2

Topics: Birthday, 2007 singles, Birthdays Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: October 30, 2010
17 years old, to many children, it seems nothing special. However, the birthday of 17 means a lot to me. It left me a piece of beautiful memory that I will never forget.

At that time, I just came back from a culture exchange trip to America which held by our high school. Since the life of high school was extremely stressful and busy, it is no doubt that this 15-day travel abroad gave me a great chance to breathe some fresh air out of the piles of books. During the trip, I not only learnt a lot about foreign culture, but also made a large group of friends. Although we came from different classes and some of us even didn’t know each other before, but we got along like a big family. We sang songs together on the train to Washington; we played games on the grass of street-park; we watched the moon under the sky of the United States when Chinese people celebrated Mid-autumn festival. As a group of innocent teenagers, we spent every day with happiness and mirth that I had never had and we got to know each other little by little.

However, happy time is always short. We had to come back to China and be confronted with the falling lessons. I found it is hard to adjust myself to the fast pace of study immediately. I was lot in a big confusion that the mid-term examination was over, I did not realize it actually!

Unfortunately, the day which our results of the exam announced was my 17-year-old birthday. On that day, I experienced the biggest failure as a student-----I got the last one of the whole class in the exam. My mind was totally blank when I saw the transcript. I did not know how to describe the feeling of that moment. The bell of the last class rang, everyone rushed out to have supper. Staring at the transcript, I stayed in my place. I forgot to move, forgot to cry and even forgot today was my birthday.

It was like a fallen from the heaven to the hell.

At that moment, my friend Kathy and Candy asked me to go out for supper as usual. I pretended that...
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