An Unforgettable Incident

Topics: English-language films, Mind, Traffic Pages: 2 (857 words) Published: October 19, 2012
Some times the incidents that occur in our lives leave traces of their mere existence in our minds and as time passes by; although they are buried deep in our minds of infinite memories sometimes only a similar trace of that memory brings back that once buried memory on the surface of our minds.

The incident starts off when I was leaving for my home. It was one of those days when nothing in the world could have gone wrong and I and my friend, Rameez, unaware of the unknown that lied before us, went on joking about the happenings of the day. We also placed a bet that whoever reaches home first will pay for lunch for the next day in college.

As the college got over, we went outside and had some fun with other friends. After boasting about our bets we all started leaving for home. We headed towards our cars and left the college parking area. As soon we came outside the college, my friend tried to overtake me. I accelerated and sped up my ride. Once the car had gained its momentum, I tried over taking my opponent without any consideration of the traffic laws. My eyes were fixed on the roads and my mind transfixed on somehow over taking my worthy challenger.

We were on the roads of Defence from where we headed towards Zamzama streets where my friend finally was able to overtake me because of the horse-cart which came in front of my car and I could not switch to the other lane. Once again, I accelerated my car and sped after his car and at the signal, we stopped near each other. During the wait, my instinct warned me that I should get over this crazy idea of racing. But I shook that warning of my mind when my friend lowered the window of his car and made some irksome noise which provoked me to go on with the racing; I got carried away, intermittently accelerating the car to get jazzy. This time I had the lead of over three cars and tried to lengthen the distance but when I saw the red signal ahead, I lost the hope of taking the lead so I not to stop on that...
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