An Unforgetable Day

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  • Published : February 23, 2011
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An unforgettable day
Everyone has some special memories, like Larry Watson, in his essay “Silence,” reveals “all of us grieve, at some time in our lives, for our lost childhood, but in the sameness of all the days of past only the usual day, the day different from all the other days, is likely to stand out in memory. And for me, the day my father stole me is the day I remember best” (P111). It makes me recall the day I had unforgettable experiences that produced a profound impression on me. The special day I went through told me that love always exists. As well, after reading Larry Watson’s article “Silence,” I found the true love between the father and the son, even though the father left the blank impression on the son’s childhood because he left his son. Even though the son remained silence when he faced his father, but in his inner he loves him. For example, Larry Watson, in his essay “Silence,” reveals the true feeling in the last paragraph: “I miss my father.”(P111). I am deeply moved by the love between them. The day that is special to me makes me experience love from the family members, love from the friends, love from the teachers, and love from the entire world. It was May 12, 2008. The climate in the summer was hot, and some places in the center of Xi’an were building the subway, but the streets were filled with people who look busy. At the same time, I was attending an English lecture on the 28th floor of building that is located in the center of city. The students in the classroom were all listening to the teacher attentively. So the classroom is so quiet except the teacher’s voice. Suddenly, I felt my chair was shaking, I thought first the shaking was my classmate who sat behind me kicking my chair , so I turned around and asked him to stop kicking my chair and gave him a hard look angrily, but he looked at me with innocent eyes. I ignored him, turned back, and tried to listen to the lecture, and then my desk was still shaking. In...
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