An Unexpected Friend

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  • Published : January 12, 2011
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There's a time in life when one feels alone. A fragile time when it seems like the world is an enemy in itself and nothing, better yet, no one, is there. The pain is almost indescribable. Numb, cold, and empty feelings overwhelm the body. I too am not subject from this feeling. Luckily, someone did the unexpected and helped me find my way out of this slump, and literally help me become who I am today. Coming into middle school I was an outsider. A new kid shoved into a judgmental world known as junior high. Cliques and groups surrounded me but I belonged to none. No one knew who I was; a crack in the sidewalk that goes unnoticed. Due to my social status few to none knew about my situation at home. My mother had been seriously injured on her job which forced her to quit and kept her bed ridden for the most part. This meant taking the responsibilities from my mother and a father whom never was in the picture being I was the oldest child. A twelve year old left to care for a hurt mother and his three younger siblings. As if the stress of starting at a new school and puberty was not enough. With so much pressure to grow and mature instantly, an almost cold streak came across. My feelings hardened because it seemed like I had no one to talk to. Thoughts like "why am I hear?" and " I'm not good enough so, why waste people's time being around?" ran through my mind daily. Home and school alike, these thoughts rang through my head and sometimes aloud under a muttered breath. Even the thought of suicide came once. Sitting isolated to myself one day at lunch a person actually came and spoke to me. A pretty, spunky, popular girl named Erica Doig. Of course shocked she would even speak to me, I accepted her invitation to sit with her and the rest of her friends. As she introduced me to the table I could not help but wonder why she did this. She was not afraid of meeting someone who looked lonely and inviting them into her life. She gave me the opportunity to feel wanted and...
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