An Understanding of Different Concepts

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Understanding concepts:
Concepts are very complex definitions of everything that we see in everyday life. They are also typically never specific. Concepts of a certain thing or idea might and most probably will change if the person examining the object or idea changes his point of view. Various authors throughout the textbook have written about the different ways we could see things if we don’t close ourselves to what we can only see.

One of the authors that talk about this is S.I Hayakawa. His main point in his article is how he stressed to tell us to be more creative, and that we shouldn’t blindly follow what media outlets like the ones on TV because we’re becoming like sheep. He argues that one with creativity best be prepared to endure loneliness and ridicule. He says, and this is very correct, that because of what we see on things like the media, we’re just told to follow what they say is right, and because of that, if one person dares to exclaim otherwise, then he or he will be getting cast away from other people. It’s ok to have a different opinion of things, and he encourages it, because creative people are going to be the most successful in life.

Another great way to compare concepts is in Simon Benlow’s paper, “Have it your way,” he argues that students are being seen differently now, that is, companies are starting to have different concepts of kids at school, because they’re not being seen as what they are: students. Rather, they feel much more like consumers now. Also, kids from a young age have been catered to their every need, and because of that, when they get to college they find out that they weren’t as good as they thought they were, because of tailoring education for students.

The essay “What is education?” by Petra Pepellashi is a perfect example of how two concepts could differ. Here, she uses the education when it was first introduced in the country. She tells about how Jefferson’s point of view of education was much different from...
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