An Persuasive Essay on Whether the Novel 'Anna's Story by Bronwyn Donaghy Should Still Be Taught in Todays School'

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  • Published : May 27, 2013
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Anna’s Story by Bronwyn Donaghy is an informative part biographical text, which retails the life and death of Anna Wood, a fifteen year old girl who took an ecstasy tablet at a rave party in 1995 and died. This text is still relevant to teach in today’s Australian schools because drugs still exist in today’s society, teenagers still take risks and the novel Anna’s story will always be a constant reminder of the consequences of drugs. Following Anna’s death, Donaghy wrote this text to suggest that parents need to educate their children about safe risk taking and drugs so the unfortunate event of Anna Wood does not happen again. Anna’s story is a clear warning to both teenagers and parents, motivating them to try to change future outcomes.

Donaghys expository text is still relevant to teach in today’s Australian schools for the simple fact that drugs and all the dangers that come with it, still exist in today’s society. We live in a society where getting a hold of drugs is as easy as going to the shopping centre and purchasing a bag of lollies. It is one of the many reasons that teenagers and even some children as young as twelve are still taking drugs and are not realizing the dangers that come with it. Drugs can kill, it is for that reason that makes it vital that teenagers must be educated to learn that even though drugs still exist, it is still a bad choice. Anna’s story provides facts that drugs do indeed implicit dangers and that drugs can kill. For example Kate Ceberano said “….drugs one way or another kill! By kill I don’t exactly just mean ones mortality. I mean ones initiative, ones ambitions and dreams, and most importantly, one’s mind” (pg. xii). Yes, drugs still exist and yes teenagers will still continue to take drugs whether we like it or not, we just have to keep educating them and keep showing them the dangers of it. That’s exactly what Donaghys was trying to do in Anna’s story, with providing readers with factual evidence to show teenagers...
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