An Overview of Warehouse Robotics Innovations

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  • Published : May 11, 2008
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Warehouse Robotics Innovations

RMT’s gantry robotic automation is the perfect solution for avoiding costly retrofitting a warehouse. By installing robotic automation in the company’s warehouse facilities, the business will minimize material loss and the confusion of locating materials in the workplace. In addition, the design of the gantry system allows a business to work more efficiently which helps add profit to the bottom line and for growth this system can easily be extended for growth. The features of RMT’s automation robotic systems are more advanced than any other warehouse logistics and materials handling system in the world.

The gantry automation system will be installed in an area that is ideally positioned for shipping and receiving and would help provide movement for a large volume of materials coming into the warehouse and going out to venders. The robotic automations system can handle thousands of different sku’s for materials and limitless options for layouts and custom work envelopes. The layout of RMT's robotic gantries can vary in size to perform to ones needs. The largest singe gantry setup is 250 feet long and 60 feet wide. A company may also extend the size by adding additional gantries to the first setup. As large as it may seem, a few big name companies that have several gantries setup in different locations of the warehouse as well for storing materials and other means.

RMT’s Automation Gantry System is servo based so it will move multi axis or 3-dimensional. This makes it easy to pickup items from a conveyor belt (after the item has been scanned for identification) to place materials strategically on pallets or in a shelving rack. Moving 3-dimentional means that the robotic system has the flexibility to move material just as easily as humans can, but much faster and with less effort. The AGS will diversify the pick up and delivery of materials with out human intervention. Materials that reach the end of...
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