An Overview of eLogistcs

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  • Published : December 1, 2012
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Essay on overview of e-logistcs .
With e-commerce, the rapidly unfolding and modern logistics is increasingly due to develop in depth the concept of e-logistics . I refers to the use of electronic means, in particular the use of internet technology to complete the entire process of logistics coordination, control and management.The purpose of e-logistics is in the logistics organization,electronic transactions, services,management, logistics business activities,so quickly and easily achieve the speed of logistics, safe , reliable and low cost. Traditional logistics generally refers to products manufactured after the packaging, transportation, handling , storage . [pic]

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E-logistics can also be referred to as logistics electronic logistics information , I refers to the use of electronic means , in particular the use of Internet technology to complete the entire process of logistics coordination , control and management, and all the middle of the front end from the network to the final client process services. The most notable feature is the application of a variety of software and the integration of logistics services . The purpose of e-logistics is the logistics organization , electronic transactions, services , management and logistics business activities quickly and easily in order to achieve the speed, safely, reliable and low cost. [pic]

To compare.The main features of e-logistics is the integration of front-end services and back-end services . Many dealers are faced with the problem of the combination of front-end customer order management, customer relationship management and back-end inventory management , warehousing management and transportation management . 3 differences between e-logistics and traditional logistics e-logistics and traditional logistics’ biggest difference is in the information use. In traditional logistics, the information in different member or different departments ....
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