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Topics: Failure mode and effects analysis, Reliability engineering, Design Pages: 18 (5161 words) Published: May 25, 2013
Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA): An Overview

Isah Sagir Tukur (赛格)

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Professor. Xie Lu Yang
School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation
Northeastern University


This paper provides an overview and guideline on the use of Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) for ensuring that reliability is designed into typical manufacturing equipment. FMEA is a very important method which should be employed in companies for an engineering design, production process, and new product in preproduction and production sphere in product life cycle. Aim of FMEA is establishing links between causes and effects of defects, as well as searching, solving and drawing the best decisions concerning application of proper action. The example of implementing FMEA shows possibility of monitoring chosen production process according to idea of defects prevention. Usage of this method allows keeping a process production focus, reduction in the product development cycle, providing opportunities for cost reduction.

Keywords: Failure Modes and Effects Analysis, Reliability, Quality management, the product life cycle.

Table of Contents

Chapter 15
1.1Murphy’s Law5
1.2The FMEA in the Design Process6
1.3The FMEA Objectives7
1.4How FMEA starts7
2.1 Purpose of FMEA9
2.2 When to Perform an FMEA10
2.2.1 Equipment Life cycle10
2.2.2 Total Quality10
2.3 Who Performs the FMEA10
2.4 FMEA Process12
2.4.1 FMEA Prerequisites12
2.4.2 Functional Block Diagram (FBD)14
2.4.3 Failure Mode Analysis and Preparation of Worksheets14
2.4.4 Team Review19
2.4.5 Determine Corrective actions19 Design Engineering19 Technical Support19 Manufacturing19
Chapter 321
Ranking Criteria of FMEA21
3.1 Severity Ranking Criteria:21
3.1.1 Environmental, Health and Safety Severity Code:21
3.1.2 Definitions22
3.2 Occurrence Ranking Criteria22
3.3 Detection Ranking Criteria23
Chapter 425
Summary and Conclusion25

Chapter 1

For years, failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA) has been an integral part of engineering designs. For the most part, it has been an indispensable tool for industries such as the aerospace and automobile industries. Government agencies (i.e., Air Force, Navy) require that FMEAs be performed on their systems to ensure safety as well as reliability. Most notably, the automotive industry has adopted FMEAs in the design and manufacturing/assembly of automobiles. Although there are many types of FMEAs (design, process, equipment) and analyses vary from hardware to software, one common factor has remained through the years—to resolve potential problems before they occur. The purpose of FMEA is to analyze the design characteristics relative to the planned manufacturing process to ensure that the resultant product meets customer needs and expectations. When potential failure modes are identified, corrective action can be taken to eliminate or continually reduce the potential for occurrence. The FMEA approach also documents the rationale for a particular manufacturing process. FMEA provides an organized, critical analysis of potential failure modes of the system being defined and identifies associated causes. It uses occurrence and detection probabilities in conjunction with severity criteria to develop a risk priority number (RPN) for ranking corrective action considerations.

By taking a functional approach, this guide will allow the designer to perform system design analysis without the traditional component-level material (i.e., parts lists, schematics, and failure rate data). 1.1 Murphy’s Law

“Everything that can fail, shall fail”. This is known as Murphy’s Law and is one of the main reasons behind the FMEA technique. Experience shows that we can add to this “….and it will usually fail at the worst...
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