An Outpost of Progress

Topics: Culture, Western culture, Civilization Pages: 4 (1580 words) Published: December 16, 2012
A Bridge of “Progress”
---------character analysis of Makola
As the only native workers and cultivated nigger in the trading station, Makola in “An Outpost of Progress” by Joseph Conrad seems to be a bridge between the natives and the white men. Moreover, Makola is not only a bridge as an interpreter for natives and the white men, but also as a bridge connects civilized and savage culture as a victim of “progress”. For the two white men from light society to the wide Africa, Makola as an interpreter and the native staff is the only one connected point for them to get in touch with natives. But he possesses the idea of “progress” from western culture deeply. Fortune and wealth accumulation priority while regardless of human value is another main aspect of progress in the 19th century when western countries developed into the advanced industrial nations. He spoke English and French with a warbling accent, wrote a beautiful hand, understood bookkeeping (57). His well educated background is an important distinction from the uncivilized natives. In the earlier editions, Makola`s English is quite different from standard English. But after several rectifications by Conrad, he speaks nearly perfect English. Conard did the noticeable rectification to upgrade his educational background aims at prove he accepts the value of “progress” which is taught through English while excelling in it. From most of Makola’s characteristics, we can observe hints of the western values he accepted inveterately thought he was identified as a native worker in the unlighted country and should be ignorant like them. In addition, he is a civilized, was very neat in his person proves the point above as plain as daylight. The way of western live impacted his mind inveterately makes he stay with the white men more easily. Moreover, Makola helps the white men make deal with the natives for more fortune as the intermediary and the translator between the two cultures. However,...
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