An Outline of Philippine History

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  • Published : February 28, 2013
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* The Arrival of Americans and End of Spanish Rule
The American Involvement
* The battle of words between the two countries became real on February 18, 1898. * While docked at Havana Harbor.
* There were 260 casualties.
The Spanish-American War
* April 24, 1898 Spanish declared war.
* U.S. President William McKinley expressed decision was for the protection of American lives and properties in Cuba. The Battle of Manila Bay
* April 10, Basilio Agustin was appointed Governor of the Philippines. * He replaced Primo de Rivera.
* Lt. Gen. Fermin Jaudenes was put in charge of the army. * April 20, Commodore George Dewey of the US Aquatic Squadron left Hong Kong to set sail for the Philippines to initiate the war with Spain. * Dewey was boarded in his flagship in Olympia.

* May 1, 1898, Dewey encountered Spanish Armada of Admiral Patricio Montojo. Aguinaldo Returns
* While in Hong Kong, Aguinaldo established his revolutionary government exile. * Called “Hong Kong Junta”.
* Felipe Agoncillo was made the President.
* US Consul E. Spencer Pratt advised the possible alliance of US. * He made an arms deal with the US Consul to Hong Kong Rounseville Wildman, trusting him Php.17,000. The Need for Filipino Support

* Governor General Agustin, realizing the upcoming threat imposed by the presence of the American troops. * He created the consultative assembly.
* Next tempt of Agustin was the creation of the Philippine Militia. * Commander Felipe Buencamino Sr., tasked to persuade Aguinaldo. A Dictatorial Government
* Aguinaldo created a dictatorial government.
* Advised by Ambrosio Rianzares Bautista.
* May 24, the government was formed.
The Independence of the Philippines
* June 12, 1898, independence of the Philippines proclaimed in Kawit, Cavite. * Prepared and read by Ambrosio Rianzares Bautista, Aguinaldo’s adviser. * The anthem “Marcha Nacional Filipina” was...
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