An Opinion on Gay Marriage Rights

Topics: Same-sex marriage, Marriage, Homosexuality Pages: 2 (760 words) Published: March 5, 2013
In 2013, it boggles my mind that we are still messing up on basic human rights issues. Of course homosexual marriage should be legal. If the issue people have with gay marriage is that it is not in keeping with their religious belief, that shouldn’t matter because couples can be married through a civil authority on behalf of the government and not have to worry about representation from the church. Even so, couples should be able to get married in their place of worship if the clergy has no problem with it. If the matter is that it compromises the integrity of marriage, heterosexual marriage has been showing that its integrity isn’t very strong itself, with such a high proportion of marriage ending in divorce. With state amendments such as Proposition 8 in California and federal laws such as The Defense of Marriage Act, the idea that these documents are protecting marriage is misguided for the proposed shield that these laws will provide is only a sword aimed at civil rights. As obvious as it is that this basic right to marry the one you love should be granted to homosexuals based on being able to fulfill a feeling of love and happiness, it goes beyond that. Legally, gay couples are second class citizens. In all but 5 states, civil unions and same-sex domestic partnerships aren’t granted the same level of benefits that traditional marriages enjoy such as property inheritance, joint income tax returns, shared health care, and social security among others. Many couples have gone to other countries to be married and it’s an embarrassment to our nation that it has to come to that. The main reason for this amount of legal red tape is just thinly veiled bigotry. Since it challenges traditional norms and it is uncomfortable and different to certain people, it must be suppressed. Looking at politicians trying to appeal to bigotry, someone running for a position in a more conservative state generally won’t support gay marriage as it would usually spell campaign...
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