An Operational Marketing Plan for a New Magazine Entering the Magazine Market

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An Operational Marketing Plan for a New Magazine Entering the Magazine Market| |

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Managing Markets – Report

For this report we were required to draw up an operational marketing plan for entering the magazine market with a new product. We have carried out an analysis of the market, identified and analysed competition, set marketing objectives, carried out segmentation and developed plans for the four p's. These will eventually lead to the implementation of the magazine into the market.

Vision and Mission;
As a company our mission is;
* To be the number one luxury magazine that women choose for easily accessible beauty and fashion ideas and advice. * Not only to be value for money but also to value our environment by being part of the Carbon trust. * To provide satisfaction and tranquillity to women's increasingly busy lifestyles. Along side our mission, our vision is;

* To be the comfort without the calories, and
* The therapist without the price tag.
We feel that these visions will let the consumer know exactly what they will be purchasing. PESTEL Analysis;

A PESTEL analysis is an investigation of the important factors which will influence our new magazine business from the external environment. PESTEL refers to political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal factors and we have analysed a number of these to see the impact they might have on our magazine company.

Political stability could affect the magazine industry as; if the UK goes through a rough patch in politics, it could affect customer confidence in buying products especially luxuries such as magazines. Laws on content within magazines are to be explored carefully, before publishing a magazine. Magazine companies have to make sure they don’t use defamation within the content of their magazines. (Defamation Act 1996) Government policy influence laws that regulate or tax magazine companies.

A rise in interest rates is likely to affect the disposable income a customer has, which could lead to a fall in demand for magazines. Unemployment will also affect the demand for magazines; it could affect the purchasing of magazines in both a positive and negative way. If unemployment is high...
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