An Open Letter to Ninth Graders

Topics: College, Liberal arts, Orthography Pages: 1 (364 words) Published: December 1, 2011
Journal 8
“An Open Letter to Ninth Graders”,by Patrick Sullivan is not just a “letter” to “ninth graders”. It as an article to the general public and those of which are interested in higher education offered at colleges. Some of the key points he talks about in this letter that tell you how to succeed are, reading, writing, thinking, listening and “grit”. Patrick Sullivan in detail describes to you that reading is essential to being successful in a liberal arts education. In addition to reading, comprehending it is also just as necessary to survive college. If you associate the terms, “work” or “discomfort” with reading, then you most likely don’t like to read, and therefore you will have a tough time understanding what is being taught to you, and will not go very far.Writing was also another topic that Patrick Sullivan discusses in this letter. He states that you should go into college with the mindset of you can always improve on your writing. Don’t go in there believing that you have already mastered the art of writing. Through doing multiple rough drafts and re-reading and re-writing any paper you do, can help you write good papers that you can turn in for good grades. Thinking and listening almost go hand in hand. Without being able to listen properly, you won’t know the full details of the lecture, or the criteria that is being taught that day. Patrick Sullivan also states in a short sentence that,” Listening” is also one of the key foundations for a good healthy relationship between friends, or, a significant other. “Grit” is the last topic that Patrick Sullivan covers in this letter. “Grit” is a term that you don’t think fits to anything. But it is simple, “grit” is a term associated with sheer perseverance and dedication. With these kind of attributes, college will seem as if it is easy. Just having the self discipline to get your homework done, study for tests, and doing the proper research, will ensure that you will do fine in an...
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