An Online Shopping Portal and a Chain of Retail Shop of Indian Artifacts

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  • Published : July 8, 2009
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PART B : Business Plan

A. Product/ Service Chosen:

An online shopping portal and a chain of retail shop of Indian artifacts is the proposed business plan as part of which Indian handicrafts will be sold online and a chain of retail shop will also be started. Initailly, retail shops will be opned in one area(ex: NCR) only and only in later pat of the venture it will opened in all part of country as expansion plan.

Reason for choosing this as a business plan is that Indian handicrafts are not sold in retail market and also this is an unorganised sector. Having an organised approach for retail and selling it by onlime portal in similar way as ebay and others will help in realising the full potential of Indain handicrafts and will help in better development of handicraft industry in a long run. Till now Indian handicrafts are being exported but not available for Indian markets in an orgainised way. Only few government organisations are working in this area and their working is not inclusive. Indian handicrafts are considered inferior and peole buy different type of artefacts as Indian artefacts are not availanble to them. Aim of this business plan is to target this audience.

B. Target Market:

Target audience of this business is the Indian urban public which prefers artifacts for decorating their household and has to but artifacts available in market and has very less options. Also other part of this target audience is the market for higher end of Indian handicrafts which is exported till now and very less available to Indian market. An online option so that people can buy it from their home and need not to travel to different parts of country to get it. You have option of buying bamboo handicrafts from north east, to woolen items from north, to various paintings from central India, to traditional items from south. If all these items are available to you at one click away this can be a exciting option to all of us. Also retail chain for all the same...
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