An Old Man with Enormous Wings

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, Short story, Black people Pages: 1 (303 words) Published: November 14, 2006
Thierry Jean Pierre

In the short story "A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings" displays the truth about us and society as a whole. It shows that we expect certain characteristics and behaviors from people based on their appearance and overall physical features. Also, the story expresses that when people are different from us we tend to take advantage and mistreat them. This issue is observed through the characters of the old man with wings in contrast to the spider woman. The ways they are both treated based on what was expected of them show how the people of the small town were more involved with expectations then the actual being. When the people of the town seen the old man with wings they viewed him as an odd figure. They treated him as if he was a ‘circus animal instead of a supernatural creature.' They didn't understand his dialect and he looked too old and to frail to be an angel. As the father Gonzaga said he lacks "dignity and splender." When it comes to the Spider-Girl people accepted her because she was understood by the people. They also could understand her life story when she was turned to a spider because she disobeyed her parents. When she came along the interest people had of the old man began to decline and he was mistreated even worst.

Overall this story relates to our world today especially when it comes to the whole "race issue"; For instance all white people is perceived to be good and all black people are considered to be bad and violent. We have to get to know the person before we start to make judgements and actions. The people of the town did not do that when it came to the old man.
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