An Occurance at Owls Creek Question Answers

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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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4.04: What Happened at Owl Creek Bridge Question Answers

1. Peyton is a plantation owner and a slaver.
2. Even though he supports the Confederate cause, it is usually not considered proper for wealthy men to go to war if they can pay for slaves or less-endowed men to fight in their stead. 3. A few minutes. He dreams of a long-term escape that takes up a lot of Acts 2-3, but it all took place within his mind as he feared his hanging. 4. Northern Alabama on a bridge over a creek

5. His last thoughts were of his wife and children.
6. He hears the tick of his watch. It disturbs him because he has such little time left, and he distorts the sound so that it seems to take longer and longer for each tick. 7. A Union solider who was dressed to look like a Confederate. He means to lure him to Owl Creek bridge. 8. He comes up with a lame plan to the bridge ablaze, as well as the Union soldiers accompanied. 9. He escaped and was free to return to his family. He imagines his beautiful wife and him being with his family. 10. He was subject to death by noose.

11. Their source of adrenaline increases, and they often delude themselves into thinking their situation is not quite so hopeless, like a defense-mechanism from the pain. 12. Inconsistencies in Peyton's fantasy. Even the title suggests something happened at Owl Creek Bridge, not that something was avoided. 13. He depicts both sides in a kind manner. His overall impression of war was critical and negative. The overall mission may have been worth it, but a lot of lives were lost as a result, more than the scoundrels. Peyton was an alright person even if he was disillusioned.
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