An Obstacle in My Life

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  • Published : September 25, 2011
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An Obstacle In My Life
They say it’s all fun and game till someone is hurt. Well I am here to tell you that that is so true. Even playing a recreational softball game can make you want to regret the sport you love. Tearing your ACL and Meniscus is no joke when it takes so much out of your life, in a short period of time, to be healed. I anticipated doctor appointments, surgery and post surgery, and the recovery time. It makes you realize just how much you need your knee for everyday uses. Who could have known how much an incidental truth could hurt.

On a Tuesday night, I was sitting in the hospital’s emergency room, waiting. I was playing a softball game just before, when I was running for a pop fly in the outfield. It’s essential to keep your eye on the ball, but in this case I should have watched where I was running. I ran right into a gopher hole when I heard a loud pop, lost support, and just like that I was laying on the ground in pain, holding my right knee. I didn’t even catch the ball! My uncle took me to the hospital right away and my family met us there. I was taken back for x-rays. Nothing was broken, which was great, but my knee was too swollen for the doctor to tell anything else. I was scheduled an appointment with SCOR Orthopedics the next couple days. Till then they gave me a small brace, crutches, and pain medication. This started my hatred toward crutches! My appointment day was up and I was very worried and hoping for the best. I did not want to hear any bad news whatsoever. The doctor came in, and started to check my knee. The look on his face wasn’t so good he told me that it felt like a possible torn ACL. Great, not the news I wanted at all! I had to get a MRI the next day, and once I did it felt like forever for the results, however it only took a couple days. They called me back in and gave me the results, torn ACL and Meniscus. Next topic of discussion, I could let my knee be or consider surgery.

For being as young and active as I...
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