An Observation Study

Topics: Hypothesis, Scientific method, Gender Pages: 2 (374 words) Published: April 5, 2013
An observational study to investigate gender differences in touching behaviour in a social situation.


My hypothesis is:

Teenage boys will touch teenage girls significantly more so in public places. This is a one tailed hypothesis.

Null hypothesis

There will be no significant gender differences with touching in public places.



This practical will be an observational study of teenage couples within a public setting to find out if there are any gender differences when it comes to touching. I will be using the independent measures design as I will be observing different couples.

My sample will include 10 teenage couples from the ages of 13 to 19. They will be opposite sex male – female couples at the cinema waiting in the queue to purchase tickets to the latest release aimed at this age group. It will be a random sample who all fit into the given age range. Same sex couples will be excluded.


I will be using an event table to chart the body parts which were touched my members of the opposite sex. This will make it easier for me to find out whether my hypothesis is correct. I will be observing the couples for a short amount of time. I will aim to observe the couple for at least five minutes.


My initial hypothesis of teenage boys touching teenage girls significantly more so in public places is accepted as we can tell by the results. This tied in with the studies that I discussed at the beginning of my experiment.


Knapp, Mark L., & Hall, Judith A. (2007) Nonverbal Communication in Human Interaction. (5th ed.) Wadsworth: Thomas Learning
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