An Investigation to Find Out the Answer of How Would the Cooking Affect the Vitamin C Content of the Vegetable

Topics: Orders of magnitude, Vitamin C, Vitamin Pages: 3 (763 words) Published: July 9, 2012
* Hypothesis
The vitamin C content will be fewer in the cooked green pepper than the one hasn't * Objective
To investigate the effect of heating on the vitamin C content of green pepper. * Background (copy from the task sheet)and Biological principle * All fruits and vegetables contain a certain amount of vitamin C; also called ascorbic acid is a water-soluble vitamin that is necessary for normal growth and development. * the cooking process of green pepper will decrease the concentration of VC(ELABORATE) * Vitamin C is a reducing agent and can reduce DCPIP solution (a blue dye) to a colourless compound. The vitamin C content of the juices is measured by the amount of orange juice required to decolourize a fixed volume of DCPIP. The relative amount of vitamin C content of the juices is determined in this investigation. Independent variable | Dependent variable | Controlled variable | The three samples 1. uncooked green pepper 2. cooked green pepper 3. distilled water| No. of drops of sample needed to decolourize 1cmᵌ of DCPIP solution| 1. volume and concentration of DCPIP solution 2. temperature of the sample and DCPIP solution and the surrounding temperature 3. Same green pepper used| | Vitamin C content in samples represented by number of drops of sample needed to decolourize a fixed volume of DCPIP solution| 4. | Nature of green pepper (boiled /fresh)| | 5. |

* Assumption
* DCPIP is decolourized by the vitamin C but not by other substances present. * Change in vitamin C content is due to heating only.
Apparatus| Quantity| Materials| Quantity|
Test tube| 8| Green pepper| 1|
Test tube rack| 1| Distilled water| 100cmᵌ|
Dropper| 4| DCPIP solution| 10 cmᵌ|
Measuring cylinder| 3| 0.08% Vitamin C solution| 100 cmᵌ| Knife| 1| |
Muslin cloth| 4| |
Water bath| 1| |
Mortar and pestle| 2| |
* Procedure
1. Divide the green pepper into two equal...
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