An Introduction to the Deeper Meaning of Rock Music

Topics: Rock music, Music, Knowledge Pages: 2 (663 words) Published: February 13, 2011
“Real music is bound to express, not to impress.” This one sentence, explains everything we have to understand about music. For most people, music is merely food for the ears, but for some, it also feeds the mind and the soul. People who see music this way are sort of gifted with the knowledge of a language that is neither taught nor learned; a language that is understood with the heart. Those people understand the muted emotions and the unspoken messages the composers wish to convey. Not many appreciate rock music. Nowadays, people are more engrossed in mainstream music. Mainstream is something that is done, heard, or seen by the majority of this population. In other words, people would like it better to stay in track of popular songs and artists loved by many, than those that are out of favor.

Many people think of rock music as rubbish or noise. But is it really? Don’t you think there is more to it than what you think of? Music is never literal. Behind all the lyrics and melodies, there will always be a message. Now it is always up to the people to find out what that meaning is. Rock music, throughout the ages, has always been misunderstood. Maybe because of its loud and rebellious aura, people gain bad impressions. Often it has been labelled as Satanic, demonic or evil. What the people should remember is that it is never right to criticize a thing, which they themselves never understood in the first place. Behind all those screams and riffs, they want to tell the world something. People tend to overlook these things because maybe they are too agitated by the music’s intensity. Rock musicians don’t bound themselves, which explains why their music is very hard-edged. Music is all about that. Music is self-expression. Music knows no boundaries. According to Michael Lydon, “There’s a million theories about rock’n’roll, what it is and what it means, but what it most obvious is most overlooked: it’s music”. Some people condemn rock music just because of their own...
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