An Introduction to MP3 Players

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  • Published : March 1, 2009
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All about MP3 players With Internet speeds getting better by the day, MP3 players look a lot more attractive than they've ever looked before since one can now stream digital music directly into a computer or a portable device and download full albums directly from the Internet, without having to run around searching for CDs. MP3 players come in various shapes and sizes, and can broadly be classified as CD-based ones, flash memory-based ones and hard drive-based ones. CD-based MP3s: These are still preferred by a lot of people as they are comparatively cheaper (the good ones start at Rs 4,000) and also because the media (CDs) used has become dirt cheap (Rs 10 to 15 for a blank CD). You can burn approximately 150 MP3 songs (10 albums) on one 650 MB disc. The only problem with such players are their large size, and low reliability (caused due to jolts, scratches on media and so on). I, myself started off with a CD-based MP3 player, the iRiver iMP-550, which still beats other players hands down even after three years. It is still the slimmest player in the world with a thickness of just 13.7 mm and I bought it for just $150 in the US three years ago. The player has no display, and all the required information is easily viewable on the four-line LCD remote provided with the player -- keep the Discman in your backpack, and use the handy wired-remote. As with all other iRiver products, this player is also "firmware upgradeable", which means that if there is a better format developed, or there is some new addition to the operating system of the player, all you have to do is to go to and download the latest firmware for your model, burn it on a CD and play it in the player, and the firmware will automatically get updated. The player comes with a very cool wired-remote, charger, batteries, carrying case, cassette adaptor, lighter charger and so on -- all the accessories you'll ever need. Some of the best MP3 CD-players in the market today are the...
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