An Interview with a Nephrologist

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  • Published : January 30, 2011
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An interview

Full name: R.. Toledano

Field of Specialization: Nephrology

From what university did you finished your pre-med and medicine proper? St Louie University (Medicine)

How many years have you been practicing your profession?
17 yrs as nephrologist

In what hospital or clinic do you practice your profession? Toledano Medical clinic and Dialysis center

1.What is Colonoscopy?
It is a endoscopic and minimal invasive examination of the colon and the distal part of the small bowel with a camera on a flexible tube passed thru the anus, It is use as a diagnostic procedure, opportunity for biopsy and removal of suspected lessions

2.How long will this procedure last?
30mins to 1hr

3.How long has this procedure been in the Philippines?
The 1st colonoscopy was done at the 1969 and it has been available in the Philippines since 1900’s. Though it wasn’t prevalent because it is costly. 4.Who can and can’t undergo this procedure?
Everyone could under the procedure but it is recommended for patients who are suspected to have primarily colon cancer and gastrointestinal diseases. Since Colon cancer increases with age so patient who are 50 years old upwards and those who have a family history of it are definitely candidates.

5.When do you perform Colonoscopy on a patient?
Colonoscopy has a preparation procedure. The patient’s colon should be free of solid matter and for 1-3 days the patient is required to follow a low fiber or a clear-liquid diet only.

6.What are the benefits of Colonoscopy?
Colonoscopy could detect colorectal cancer and the best diagnosis of the status of the patient’s colon. Also the doctors could remove tumors or polyps if there’s any.

7.What are the concerns of the patients before undergoing the procedure? Statistically the procedure yields very low risks. In very rare cases gastrointestinal perforation and splenic rupture have occured.

8.What much will the whole procedure cost?
The average...
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