An Inspector Calls: A Play Of Contrast

Topics: An Inspector Calls, Edwardian era, Writing Pages: 2 (514 words) Published: February 24, 2013
'An Inspector Calls has been called a 'play of contrasts' write about how Priestley presents some of the contrasts in the play' Priestley presents the contrasts in the play 'An Inspector Calls' in many ways. There are many of these, the main contrast is the difference in attitudes of the younger generation and the older generation, this continues to develop throughout the entire play, we see how both generations act to their involvement with Eva Smiths death. Another contrast is the opposing views of the upper and lower class and also how they were treated. The last contrast shown in the play 'An Inspector calls' is the views of being a socialist and capitalist. With The Inspector presenting the views of a socialist and Mr and Mrs Birling presenting their capitalist views. 'The Inspector' is also seen as the mouth piece of Priestley as he had socialist views about society, which are that for the world to work in harmony then we all must work together and treat everyone fairly. This will help everyone to create more social equality and lower the differences between classes. Priestley's purpose in writing the play was to inform others that they must think about the consequences of their actions. He did this as what one person does can affect many people,such as in 'An Inspector Calls' Mr Birling action of firing Eva Smith led to many other events.Prisetley's purpose in writing the play links to the contrasts,especially that of the differences in classes and how people are treated differently. For example with Eva Smith being treated as a lesser person to Mr Birling. It also links to the themes of responsibility verses selfishness. As if Mr Birling or Sheila had taken responsibility for their original actions then Eva Smith would not as been as likely to commit suicide in the end. Priestley wrote the play to fall into the genre of a 'whodunnit', he also wrote it in 1945 but set it in 1912, Edwardian England. By doing this he could use 'dramtic irony' to change...
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