An Inspector Calls

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  • Published: November 3, 2013
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‘An Inspector Calls’ was written in 1945 by J B Priestley. The play is set in the dining room of the Birling household in one evening in April 1912. The play was written in 1945 but is set in 1912 looking at the background history we can infer that he chose to set the play in 1912 because the social issues that were so prevalent in the labour strikes of 1912 were ill important in 1945, because the very definition of society means that human beings don’t live alone and that each one is responsible for their actions towards the other. By setting his characters in a time of innocence and hope, Priestley can speak even more strongly to his audiences who have lived through a time of despair. The pride and complacency of the Birlings seems all the more foolish to an audience who knows what is about to happen to the English people. The lessons that Eric and Sheila learn are even more poignant when one realizes that very soon all classes in England, upper, middle and lower, will be involved in the same tragic war. Mr Birling and Inspector Goole have opposing personalities. Their personalities are influenced by their political perspectives. Mr Birling is a capitalist and a very proud selfish man, on the other hand, the Inspector is a socialist and a kind and sympathetic man as he treats everybody equally. “An Inspector Calls” written by JB Priestly is well known as a morality play as it teaches and guides us to the right way of thinking about socialism which means the resources of the world being owned in common by the entire global population. In this essay, I will discuss how JB Priestly introduces the characters and how this has an impact on the audience. Furthermore, I will compare the relationship between Mr Birling and the Inspector. I will close by discussing the dramatic techniques used in the play by Mr Birling such as his ‘famous monologue’ and how the characters are influenced by the inspector to become better people through his use of language and ideas. The...
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