An Insight to Castle Howard

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  • Published : March 13, 2008
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Castle Howard was built at the beginning of the 18th century and home to the Howard family for over 300 years. Eleven generations have continuously lived in the house since it was built for Charles Howard, 3rd Earl of Carlisle. When visiting castle Howard I was initially astonished by the beautiful grounds in which the castle is situated in. Walking in such magnificent natural surroundings really sets the scene for the amazing house that sit in the grounds and allows you to imagine what it would have been like to have been there in the 18th century. The house was designed for the 3rd Earl of Carlisle by dramatist John Vanbrugh, who astonishingly hadn't built anything, at this point, in his life. He worked with architect Nicholas Hawksmoor to gain the practical side of designing and constructing the house. It was finally completed in 1801-1811. When entering the house the grand staircase is what I was greeted with. This great staircase was constructed in the 1870's. With a skylight ceiling you are able to fully appreciate all the detail and texture of each aspect of design within the room, from the detail in each spindle to the flowered detail along the top of the ceiling. Within this part of the house hang portraits of the first six Earls of Carlisle. Again by seeing such magnificent paintings hanging in the grand staircase you can start to imagine yourself back in the time of these Earl's. As you move up the stairs you come to the china landing in which is a cabinet holding over 300 pieces of china from the 17th and 18th century, mostly Serve, Chelsea and Meissen. One of the most superb rooms in the house, in my opinion, is Lady Georgiana's bedroom. It's got a taste of elegance streaming throughout the room. From the passage of the bedroom, which is filled with 18th century prints of Raphael's decoration, to the soft cornice of the ceiling that is engraved with a light leaf shape and accompanied by a rose. In the middle of the room sits the astounding...
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