An Induction Experience In The Work Plaze

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An Induction experience in the work place

A key element of HRM when a new person joins is the induction process, this usually includes

Health & Safety
Work / Operation procedures
Clear Structure

One personal experience which occurred was when I was employed by a small family run business based in their home office, at the interview the job sounded very varied and interesting, when the start day arrived things turned out to be very different.

There were only 2 people working in the business, the manager and another employee, due to the formularisation of their working relationship there wasn’t a clear structure of how to bring a new employee in under their exciting arrangement.

There was no induction programme or operating procedure in place, training was very ad hoc.

There was no clear structure, staff appraisals were never conducted, this left a feeling of under appreciated and undervalued with no a clear frame work to the daily job.

The problems that have been identified would be best explained using Fowler A. (1996) as he outlines a number of HR concepts.

Individual Level – when a contract is given at the beginning of employment it gives a clear framework to working commitments.

Payment methods
Salary increases
Benefits ( social clubs / memberships)
Sickness and absence procedures
Dress code
Hours of work or breaks
Location of facilities

Job/task Level – If these documents were provided at the induction the following would have been clear:

Health and Safety
Work procedure
Telephones, security, data protection, confidentiality and regulations •IT Resources
Training availability

Support at departmental level – if information was given at induction the following would have been clear:

Liaising with colleagues
Departmental communications mechanisms
Identification of joint working within a team

Organisational Level – if information was given at induction the following would have been clear:

Disciplinary Procedures
Equal opportunities
Insurance schemes
Staff development
The structure and functions of business
The nature and size of the business
Working Conditions

From looking at the concept it is clear there was no structure to the company, this may have been due to the company only having 2 employees. Problems with not having these at an induction can cause a company many issues; one main area would be high turnover of staff, due to them not understanding what is expected of them.

If an employee is not fully informed of what is expected of them, they will not be committed to the job, if you receive a good induction of the company the employee will feel confident to deliver a high standard of work which the company will benefit from.

Most people suffer from feelings of anxiety when they start a new job, and may have many questions like •What will the company be like
Will I be good at the job
What will the people be like

It is always important that when a new starter arrives, that the person who is to greet them knows of there arrival and what to do next, that they arrive at a set time, make sure their induction is in place and they have clear structure of what is expected of them in the first weeks of employment.

The human resources department or individual looking after the employee should run through the main points with the new employee so they have the opportunity to ask any questions or concerns they may have and then the new employee can be provided with a paper copy to take away with them

A full assessment of the company induction process needs to be reviewed and once in place that all staff should be made aware of this, whether they are new employees or exciting employees, with these procedures in place; the company will run a lot smoother and they will experience less turn over of staff. The...
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