"An Individual’s Experience in the Global Context Can Reshape Their Identity

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  • Published : May 16, 2011
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The Global Village is a term commonly used to refer to the societal and cultural effects of telecommunication, it can be described as the world being considered as a single community linked by telecommunications. The idea that living in a global village can or will influence the attitudes and beliefs of those individuals can be put to much debate, on both sides there are strong points that give reason to whether or not this type of lifestyle, will affect that person, whether it be forced upon them, or they have had it grow up alongside them. Whilst studying A Man with Five Children and The Castle, the common subject of a global village became evident throughout both texts. Through the use of a myriad of dramatic and cinematic techniques, Nick Enright and Peter Wier successfully convey the way an individual’s experience within a global context can reshape their identity.

The play A Man with Five Children, by Nick Enright is a dramatic representation of the global village and how it impacts and effects lives. The play explores the experiences of 5 individuals living within a global context, allowing the interaction between people from a variety of backgrounds. The play opens with Gerry Hilferty speaking to the audience about his proposal for a new documentary. He plans to choose five children who he will film for one day out of their lives every year, from age seven until twenty one. Gerry himself is a selfish, lonely man who thrives off the lives of others. This demonstrates how global context can affect and in this case, take over one’s life. The children are introduced one by one as they meet at a zoo. We are presented with five children from distinctly different backgrounds. Cam is from a disadvantaged and broken family, Zoe's family is working class and dysfunctional, Jessie's mother is from Torres Strait and her father is British and Susanah comes from a wealthy, educated family. As the children meet outside the zoo we are presented with an idea of...
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