An Increasingly Globalized Planet

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  • Published : June 29, 2011
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An Increasingly Globalized Planet
In his book A Brief History of Globalization: The Untold Story of Our Incredible Shrinking Planet, Alex MacGillivray interprets four historical phases: the Iberian carve-up, the Britannic meridian, Sputnik world, and the global-supply chain. -------------. MacGillivray supports his arguments of movement and trade creating an increasingly globalized planet by giving examples of the ? in the ? phase, ? in the ? phase, ? in the ? phase, and ? in the ? phase.

MacGillivray argues that trade and movement aid in creating a globalized planet. MacGillivray supports his argument in the first of the four historical phases discussed in his book. This phase is known as the Iberian carve-up, which extends from the year 1490 to the year 1500. This phase tells what events lead to supporting evidence of MacGillivray’s claims. During this decade, technological advances helped make the shape and the size of the globe known. The only superpower during this time, Spain, and its very small, but pioneering neighbor, Portugal, decided to split up the globe between them. Spain and Portugal were backed by the support of the Pope. They dominated long-distance trade instead of middle men working the supply chains. This decade was the start of colonial competition in the world. It was also when the printed word began to spread. Through long-distance trade, colonial competition, and the widespread of knowledge and literacy by printed words, one can see how trade and movement aids in creating a globalized planet, thus showing MacGillivray supports his argument. The way one can see how trade and movement aids in creating an increasingly globalized planet is continued into MacGillivray’s second historical phase.

Macgillivray describes the second of his four historical phases during the year 1880 to the year 1890 as the Britannic meridian. During this phase, the British Empire, which was the leading imperial power, added to globalization in that...
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