An Inconvient Truth

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Inconvenient Truth is a descriptive title because it explains the inconvenience towards our global warming problem; and puts the truth towards our planets slow destruction. What makes this a good title is because the truth that Al Gore explains to the viewers is current. He explains the relationship between all the weather changes and global warming and how it is affecting the natural world environment. The inconvenience part explains how discomforted it is towards our planet, people and nature.

To explain the basics of global warming I can start off with saying that global warming is mainly caused due to the greenhouse gas pollution. Out in space the sun sends heat waves towards earth which makes earth livable. So when the sun rays are sent down some are supposed to be sent back to the sun creating a mini cycle. But outside of the earth there is an atmosphere of greenhouse gases surrounding the earth. Now that there are more factories more greenhouse gases are being sent up to the atmosphere making the layer of gas thicker. That is causing the sun rays to be trapped in the earth making the temperature rise.

What makes the truth of our global warming problem inconvenient is that temperature rises are affecting the animals. In Al Gore’s movie he explains to you that cold environment like glaciers; North Pole, South Pole and Artic are melting slowly. Polar bears and other cold environment species are losing their homes. In his movie he shows you how some glaciers from 1990 till now are fully melted and turning to land or how they are slowly becoming heated. In my case everyone should know that it’s bad and it will only become worse.

Another way is how the water temperature is starting to rise. If any hurricanes or water storms were to be created; it would be double the effect because as also stated in Al Gore’s video whenever you have a high water temperature it will increase the wind velocity...
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