An Inconvenient Truth - Global Warming

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An Inconvenient Truth - Global Warming

By | November 2010
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I think Al Gore’s suggestions are logical, but I do not believe that they have anything to do with Global Warming. I practice, almost all of these suggestions on a daily basis. I feel that they are just practical things that people do to save energy. I personally do not believe in Global Warming. I feel that it is just a ploy to increase taxes and to choke our economy. I have been taught, since I was a child, that your turn off the lights when you are not using them. I have always heard that not having the proper amount of air in your tires can decrease gas mileage. We all have been recycling for years, and in some places, you do not even have a choice whether you want to recycle or not! In some of the video clips online of “An Inconvenient Truth,” Gore does not really show any true statistics that prove anything. He said, that the hottest year that we have had was in 2005, but then another scientist stated that 1998 was the hottest and that 2005 was second. These are all simply people’s opinions. Global Warming is just an opinion that Al Gore and his followers have come up with to choke the economy. Sure, I have noticed that it is getting hotter every year and that the seasons are running together. I personally believe that all of this comes from, the Bible and how the world is ending. Some of the things Al Gore says, does seem like it is true, but like I said, it is only one’s opinion. Scientists have been studying Global Warming issues for years and they do not agree with it. Gore talks about carbon dioxide raising the temperatures, but the temperatures had already risen before carbon dioxide increases took place. I think this debate will go on for years and may never be resolved. I do not really feel like this so-called “Global Warming” is our fault at all.

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