An Incident at a Care Home for Children

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  • Published : August 27, 2012
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This is an account of an incident that occurred at my workplace at a care home for children. I am a Residential Care Worker. I will be using anonymity in this account to protect the young person .

While on shift I was asked by a young person if I would go to their bedroom to speak with them. When I entered the bedroom the young person indicated that they had cut their arm and there seemed to be a lot of blood this young person is known to have self harmed in the past but at this time I could not tell if this was the case. I had no latex gloves with me so I asked the young person to cover the arm with a towel and come back downstairs to the office where the First Aid box and the gloves are kept. I put on a pair of gloves and then was able to wipe the cuts using only water and cotton wool. After the cuts were wiped I could see they were only superficial although there was a lot of them starting at the young persons wrist and stopped just below the elbow it became obvious that the young person had in fact self harmed . I cleaned the cuts and applied a topical cream to the wounds and covered it with a light dressing. I alerted the other member of staff on shift and requested that he phone the on-call manager to direct us about any other measures we should take regarding preventing the young person harming themselves any further.

The young person was very upset about what they had done and required reassurance and comforting I spoke in a calm quiet manner to the young person trying to reassure them and to offer support , I asked the young person if there was anything they wanted to talk about the young person said no but asked if i could stay with them which I did until they were calm and seemed more positive , the young person then said they would watch TV with other young people .

I was informed by the other staff member that the on-call manager had requested that we remove light bulbs , cd’s , pen’s, and mirrors from the young person’s bedroom...
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