An Important Skill to Be Successful

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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There are vast kind of skills that could help people to be successful in the world. If I would consider the most important one for a person to be successful in life, it would be communication. The person who know how to communicate with different people with diverse cultures ,backgrounds, ideas and characteristic, could be successful in family, social, economy and etc. Communication is not easy because people are not same even two children who they raise up in a family with the same way are totally different. Their ideas, point of views and their needs, so we should deal with them differently. You never could satisfy people completely. You have to deal with each person distinctly. You can’t just find a good way and act the same with all, it doesn’t work. You should be creative and behave each person on exclusive way to be successful in communication. Moreover, people have different background so it is hard to figure out their world and how you can talk them or act them. There would be misunderstanding between people in way of talking, words, body language and etc. even in a same culture. We are not independent completely, we need each other in our life. We need to learn how to make friends and keep them in our life. In conclusion, If a person knows or learns how to communicate with people successfully, she would be successful in many aspects. She would have many friends who she can trust them and have their help in her life specially in difficulties.
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