An Important Leader

Topics: South Africa, John F. Kennedy, Africa Pages: 1 (264 words) Published: February 25, 2011
An Important Leader

To be a real leader you have to be ready to sacrifice anything to achieve the peace. I think such a leader who can be compared to John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King is Nelson Mandela. He is an icon of peace and leadership for the whole world. He worked thoughout his life for the right of independence of his nation-the South African nation.

The main reason why i respect him is because he started the movement of freedom without aggression and the power of weapon. And this is may be the main reason gained him fame and a big number of followers. He made the people of South Africa to believe that they can develop their country if only they trust each other. During his course of movement he stopped couple of potential bloody events. This indicated his wonderful leadership qualities. The foreign leaders sensed the power Nelson is gaining and the threat of putting down their government. As a result of this Nelson Mandela was put in a jail.

The next 20 years of he lived in one of the notorious jails of our time. No matter of that fact he never stopped believing in what we did outside and his hope never was broken. He gave his nation and to the world a lesson of determination and patience.

After his was released from jail Nelson Mandela finally give his nation what they want-freedom. The sacrifice and the fight for the rights of people make him one of the most important leaders of our time.
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