An Idividual Has the Potential to Enrich or Challenge a Group - the Crucible

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  • Published : October 15, 2010
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Any individual in any given situation has the potential to either enrich or challenge the group. This concept is well demonstrated in Arthur Miller’s play “the crucible” the film “Remember the Titans” directed by Boaz Yakin and Chuck Palahniuk’s novel “Fight Club” where numerous characters have this potential and choose to act accordingly due to personal beliefs, morals, consequences or even unknowingly. Good morning teachers and fellow classmates. Upon Arrival reverend Hale try’s to enrich the court by in his own words “add what I may to the godly wisdom of the court” this shows that Hale is in support of the actions of the court and is trying to enrich it by adding what information he can. However when he realises that all the hysteria is basically childhood mischief, the court is wrong and the actions of Danforth are naïve and foolish, he begins to challenge and go against the court, as he realises he too has been foolish which has lead to the death of many innocent people and “blood on his head”. Hale wants to undo his actions and see justice prevail. The actions of hale are very similar to that of the characters Julius and Gary in Remember the Titans, both of these characters enriched the segregation of the time by refusing to get along with each other and due to their social influence segregation existed within the team. However strategies placed by coach Boone described as “flirting with” the “fine line between tough and crazy” to end this segregation and an inspirational speech that gets the players to see the bigger picture of life and the stupidity of their actions changes their relationship and attitudes. This change is shown in the following scene where Gary and Julius lead their team in a “strong side, Left side” chant in which all players gather around and unite, the uplifting non diagetic music peaks and the scene finishes with a long shot of all the players huddled tightly together yelling and lifting their helmets which communicates to the...
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