An Ideal Vacation

Topics: Leisure, 2005 singles, Scuba diving Pages: 2 (509 words) Published: June 16, 2011
An Ideal Vacation
An ideal vacation for me is a vacation that takes me away from all the things that are in my normal everyday routine. I want to get away from the things that occupy my everyday life such as: school, my hectic work schedule, chores, and most of all stress. Vacation is where I kick back, relax, not worry about money, and try things that I, on a normal basis, would not try. My vacation starts the minute I start to pack my suitcase because that is when the real relaxation begins. When I know that I have my suitcase packed and my trip thoroughly planned I am at ease and ready to go. The ride down to the warm Florida beach is half the fun. The excitement that builds on the way there makes it that much better when I get to my destination. When I get there I go to my very luxurious condo with a beach pool and palm trees everywhere. This is the perfect setting for my ideal vacation. Now that I am officially on vacation the rest of the week consists of everyday relaxation. The best part about going to resorts with all inclusive amenities is that it takes real work out of the picture. The job for the resort staff is to meet the needs of every guest, including me. I sit by the pool after unpacking and just unwind and start on my vacation tan while a staff member brings my lunch straight out to me. Whenever I get back to my room from my long day of leisure it has been spotlessly cleaned and I did not have to lift a finger. I end every day with a quiet walk on the beach and anticipate what I will do on the next day. Another exhilarating factor of my vacation is doing all the things that I could not do if I were still at home. I then get ready and go out for a thrilling day of adventure. First I go parasailing in the morning while over looking the beautiful city. I could go scuba diving next but instead I choose to take an afternoon ride around town to see the sites and see what the entire city has to offer. There are so many different...
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