An Eye-Opening

Topics: Automobile, American films, Thought Pages: 1 (260 words) Published: February 22, 2013
An Eye-Opening Experience
One of the most terryfing and eye opening experiences is when I went through a car accident. I was on my way to go to my aunt's house, and then out of nowhere a car came and hit us.Both cars were completely wrecked, and people came to see what happened and tried helping us. I fainted and was covered with bruises and blisters all over. I was litreally about to die. When I was hospitilized, the fact that I was about to die kept me thinking and askded myself,''Am I ready to leave this world?'', ''Did I leave a mark that people will remember me by?'' This just opened my eye and I knew that I had to do something notable, so people can remember me even If I die. Another thing that really kept me thinking was that we can die in seconds. This thought just keeps you thinking are you prepared to die right now? Have you done stuff that pleased god and will please you when you die? This question just makes my heart beats too fast because it is true. This motviates me to work hard and please god because you never know when will you leave this world. Although we can never be fully prepared,but we can try to prepare ourselves. You might say that it was a terrible thing to experience yet it was an awesome thing to experience because it kept me thinking and relized that I have to do something notable. Written by,

Nabilah Tarabzouni
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