An Explanation of the Importance of Marketing to Your Selected Organization

Topics: Marketing, Management, Strategic management Pages: 1 (371 words) Published: November 18, 2012
The Importance of Marketing in Organizational Success
Marketing is a crucial aspect in the organization given that it contributes significantly to the success of the organization. Indeed, production, and distribution of product relies heavily on the marketing division. Effective product marketing leadership is the base for the organizations continual success and depends on the organizations ability to articulate to the target market, and to outline a blueprint in which the corporation aligns resources to form exceptional value. (Workshop 1: Entrepreneurial Product Marketing: Listening to the Voice of the Customer, 2009) As marketing is a vital part in expanding the customer base, manufacturing products, meeting service demands, and engaging the customer. Marketing implements the flow of goods and services from the company to the customer. This means marketing must possess the correct product and/or service, the right location, an effective sales department, and promotions that bring organizational and product awareness to the consumer (Marketing is an Important Element of Business Success, 2012).   Moreover, marketing helps develop a strategy that leverages the organizations resources to broaden products and services and is fundamental in the corporation’s success. Marketing is the dynamic in which the organization can increase its customer base. The company uses the four P’s marketing mix, which include product, promotion, price, and place. These four factors work in tandem to elicit consumer awareness and prompt the target market to buy (Marketing is an Important Element of Business Success, 2012). In addition, the organization has incorporated an annual marketing plan that encompasses the entire business strategy and from this plan, the company determines when to increase resources on a special price promotion, and when to launch a new product or advertising campaign. Furthermore, marketing both offline and online is an investment in future...
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