An Explanation of How to Support a Child or Young Person and/or Their Family When Bullying Is Suspected or Alleged.

Topics: Bullying, Childhood, Humiliation Pages: 2 (432 words) Published: June 27, 2012
CYP 3.3 C
Task 5
An explanation of how to support a child or young person and/or their family when bullying is suspected or alleged.

When we dealing with someone who is being bullied they can be upset but may not show it outside. It’s very important we take problem seriously.
We have to listen children/young people, we have to talk to them, but not in front of others, because for them it can be very embarrassed. Providing reassurance that it is not child/young person fault, no-one deserves to be bullied. We have to believe what they telling us.

With older children we can ask them to write exactly what happened, who was with them there, that we can speak with other people. It always better get as much information as we can, it helps us deal with problem. Always we have to tell child/young person that we will help by telling someone in authority, never promise to keep it secret. We need to explain how we will investigate the case. We have to make sure be back in touch with victim as soon as we have news or if any problems appear we have to let them know immediately. Always give them support, don’t let them think or feel they left with the problem alone. Some parents have really struggled with help their child being bullying. Some have to cope with the information that their child is a bully. We have to discuss what has happened with parents and work out with them a plan for handling the child’s behaviour. We have to listen to parents, let them explain how they feel. Share with them useful information so they can start thinking how to support their child. We can offer look in the internet for some good sites of bullying; Bullying UK, Child Line, NSPCC, From the parents point of view they may also be feeling distress, angry to hear that their child has been bullied. To support parents in that situation is to reassure them that our priority is to safeguard their child and that we’ll take their concerns very seriously. We can also help deal with...
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