An Experiential Marketing Case Study of Sony

Topics: Marketing, Marketing plan, Marketing strategy Pages: 7 (2326 words) Published: March 18, 2012
This paper is attempted to study Sony Corporation as a live brand in terms of experiential marketing concept. It contents true experience and observation of mine from an opening exhibition of Sony Corporation (see appendix 1) to be formed the primary sources of data. As an observer of the exhibition, I will use my own experience from it to combinative with experiential marketing concept theories to indicate the factors within Sony’s experiential marketing performance. This report will comprise a general idea of what experiential marketing is, and how it affects by inter-dependencies within the market and economic theories.

Experiential marketing of Sony Corporation
Sony was founded its brand 64 year ago, it creates innumerable products and marketing sales miracle in all over the world (see appendix 2). It has three core business orientations - electronic equipment, games and entertainment, which aim to server customer convenient technology products for entertainment. And then, through interaction activities with their customer to let them recognise the brand by first sight, and would like to have the unique product that others may not have from them. This victory in such a fierce electronic products market competition, not only because of high quality products Sony offered to customer, but the successful experiential marketing promotes method – experiential exhibition. Experiential marketing has become a cornerstone of recent retailing industry (Petkus, 2004). Economists identified this kind of experiences as services different with services are from goods. It is required higher desire on marketing strategy for organisation to achieve customer’s emotional need. Customer as an essential component of a marketing system, the twofold of marketing is to attract new customers and maintain current customers by satisfaction (Kotler et. al, 2010). As the biggest electronic equipment manufacturing company (see appendix 2), Sony Corporation has devoted to create a whole concept of satisfaction to customer by experience the fancy social network entertainments. It designed a model of exhibition namely ‘a marketing platform’ as a promote tool in order to give customer multidimensional experience from directly try the product. This exhibition included three areas - Digital Work Shop, VAIO Experience Area, and Play Studio. It can be restructured as single area or put them together by different demand of places and resources, and consumer can choice any product to play with. For instant, you can use webcam and laptop to talk with your friend, down load music or software online from Sony official website, and if you are fans of PSP games, you have a chance to compete with other fans in this exhibition and get some wonderful rewards. As an observer of their exhibition, I am voluntary to join this vivid activity. It contents many fashionable designs on exhibition rooms, which focus on to gives customer more memorable, closer and high reactive experience activities (see appendix 1). It also helps customer to build up a strong image of their products, such as PSP3, VAIO laptop and many kinds of accessories. Also the brand ambassador of Sony as one of famous celebrity in China attend to this exhibition gives fans of Sony a chance to close to their idol, and make it becomes an unforgettable memories (see appendix 1). As a consequent, customer come back from this show will have a different opinion of marketing. Commonly the marketing orientation is formed from earlier orientations, namely the production orientation, the product orientation and the selling orientation (Kotler and Keller, 2009). Moreover, traditional marketing involved many advertising factors to access this scale of marketing concept with customer, and then wait for customer to purchase commodities or services. In contrary, Schmitt (1999) demonstrated new approach of marketing is different with traditional marketing, namely experiential marketing, which viewed...
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