An Experience That Changed Me

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  • Published : March 8, 2011
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An experience that changed me
First of all, let me introduce myself. I grew up in a tender and caring family. I love my family, especially my baby sister. Before my sister's birth, I was the only child in my family and I became their "center of attention".I was always surrounded with love and attention. I am well- bread, good-natured and positive girl who is addicted to music. In 2007 I had the opportunity to participate in the project Vivas which is an international festival for youth in ''Casa Montagna di Ferriere Valnure'' in Ferriere Italy. The children in Macedonia who had participated on Zlatno Slavejce, (a festival of children's songs) , had the chance to participate on this festival. The founder of the festival ''Vivas'' is Mr. Carlo Devoti, a former waterlo Italian national team player. The founder of this festival have merged sports, music, painting art, dances, ecology and healthy way of living. The friendship with the children of the festival Zlatno Slavejce to me was good base to wish days with them and with other children from different nations that I met in Italy Now I will tell you how I was spending time there. The object was located in mountainous place Pianceza, Ferierre. Every day after breakfast we had a meeting and we discussed how to spend the day. The object had a courts for tennis, beach- volleyball, soccer, aerobics and it had a pool, so every day we played different sports and we learned something about them. Each day, one group lay the tables at meal times, keep the place tidy and organized an original “wake up” call to start their National day. On their National Day, the group organizes arts activities and games during the day as well as the evening entertainment. That gave to all of us, a chance to meet with the kids from the other countries, and learn about theirs country’s customs and traditions. We had a workshops too where we made traditional clothing about dolls, jewelry, souvenirs, greeting cards and then exchanged...
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