An Example of a Narrative Essay

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  • Published : December 5, 2010
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-1Crystal D. Dozier
Narrative Essay
November 13, 2007
Word count: 809

My Little Blessings

Children have a tendency to bring out the very best in people. I can say I have been fortunate to have four little blessings of my own. I consider each of them as a blessing and each day I am reminded of how much they mean to me. My children have brought out the best in me--parts that I never knew existed. As children grow, so do parents. I have evolved into a better person with the courage to overcome all obstacles because of the love that I have for my children.

At the age of twenty, my life was full of constant turmoil and instability. I had a plan, and children were not a part of it. I never imagined that I would ever have children. Motherhood was not for me and, if you had known me, you would have agreed. When I got pregnant for the first time, I was in complete denial. I ignored the fact that I was pregnant because I was unable to accept reality. Reality did not set in until I gave birth to my daughter. On December 17, 2000, something more than giving birth changed my perception of life. My life completely changed that day and not because I had a baby. My transformation was more spiritually focused. As my daughter, Israel grew so did I, internally. Because of the love of my little girl, I became a more centered individual. Once I had found my center, I thought that I was on track. However, I was reminded of my past when I gave birth to my son Isaiah. My son was born with a disease known as atopic dermatitis. I was very familiar with this disease because I suffered with it for many years. I was hurt when I discovered that he would have to go through what I did. I blamed myself for what was happening to him. I beat myself up for a while, until my son helped me to realize a very important fact. The nervousness, allergies and irritated skin are all things that I had went through. He made me realize that instead of feeling sorry for myself, I should be...
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