An Ex of Greece: ‘Only Tourism Can Save Our Bankrupt Land’

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Greece: ‘Only tourism can save our bankrupt land’

Level 3 Advanced
1 Warmer
a. What things do you connect with Greece? Write as many as you can onto the word wheel.


b. Read paragraphs 8, 15 and 16 of the article and find out whether any of the things you associate with Greece are mentioned there.

2 Key words
Find the key words in the article and write them next to the definitions below. The paragraph numbers are given to help you. 1. an adjective used to describe a country that owes more money than it is able to pay back ______________________ (title) 2. amounts of money that you owe ______________________ (subtitle) 3. the art, buildings, traditions, and beliefs that a society considers important to its history and culture ______________________ (subtitle) 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. send someone or something somewhere ______________________ (para 2) the people who work for a company or organization ______________________ (para 2) worried and nervous feelings ______________________ (para 4) refused to accept that something might be necessary ______________________ (para 5) objects or buildings that existed in ancient times and still exist ______________________ (para 6) high-ranking business people ______________________ (two words, para 8)

10. chose to officially ignore something ______________________ (para 10) 11. an adjective used to describe something that is bigger or more successful than usual ______________________ (para 11) 12. a passive verb used when someone gets more of something than they can normally deal with ______________________ (para 12) 13. the process of reviving something and making it come alive again ______________________ (para 13) 14. develop new products or activities in addition to the ones that you already provide or do ______________________ (para 15) 15. given a new image or marketing focus ______________________ (para 16) © Macmillan Publishers Ltd 2011 NEWS LESSONS / Greece: ‘Only tourism can save our bankrupt land’ / Advanced N T O FR BE C O DO O M W P W N IA EB LO B SI A L TE DE E D •


•P H


Greece: ‘Only tourism can save our bankrupt land’

Level 3 Advanced
Greece: ‘Only tourism can save our bankrupt land’
With debts of €340bn, Greece is turning to its cultural heritage to attract a better class of visitor and make tourism the engine of the Greek economy Helena Smith in Delos 8 May, 2011 1 You come to Delos by way of its ancient harbour. But for those braving the wind-swept seas on a Delos-bound ferry from Mykonos last week, it was clear that Greece’s economic crisis has reached here too. With its dirty beaches, its museum shop flooded and closed, and treasures – including the island’s famous lions – consigned to a building full of cracks and cobwebs, the signs were hard to ignore. 2 “What can I say?” spluttered Fani Iosifidou, one of three employees guarding the site’s myriad, poppy-strewn temples, mosaics and statues. “The culture ministry was meant to dispatch more personnel at the beginning of the season but we’re still waiting. There are simply not enough of us here. If we don’t close off that space,” she said, pointing to the lions, “people go and sit on them. It’s a terrible thing.” 3 The economic crisis on Europe’s periphery is hitting Greece hard. A year after receiving rescue loans worth €110 billion Greece is still fighting economic collapse. 4 Amid speculation that it will soon have to restructure a debt load estimated at €340 billion, eurozone finance ministers announced that they would meet to discuss whether Greece needs even more aid – a scenario bound to send further tensions through the EU. 5 But, for the Greeks, who have dismissed the suggestion of leaving the eurozone, the answer lies closer to home – in tourism, a sector that accounts for one out of five jobs and 18% of GDP. 6 Even as places like Delos struggle to make the best of their antiquities and museums, there is a © Macmillan Publishers Ltd 2011 NEWS LESSONS / Greece: ‘Only...
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