An Eventful Day

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  • Published : January 14, 2011
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An Eventful Day

The dismissal bell rang shrilly and resounded throughout the entire school. Students streamed out of the building and made a beeline to the school gates. Friends were talking animatedly as they swapped anecdotes of the happenings of their day at school.

The blazing sun shone mercilessly. Thankfully, shady trees and fluffy white clouds provided respite from the strong rays. A comfortable breeze danced playfully and played with my uniform mischievously. I was feeling lethargic after a long day at school and was thankful to head home for a quick energising nap, a scrumptious lunch and an invigorating and exhilarating round of DVDs of the recent blockbusters. With a spring in my steps, I ambled along the tiled pavements to the bus stop. As I sat down on one of the benches, I watched vehicles zooming and honking relentlessly. Suddenly, I heard a loud bang. I spun around and what I saw made my eyes widen and my jaws drop…

A car collided into a bicycle! The cyclist groaned in pain and was clutching is right arm and blood oozed out of his head. My hands became cold and clammy and my heartbeat quickened. My legs turned jelly and butterflies flittered my stomach. Petrified, I galvanised into motion.

I called for the ambulance. In a few minutes the ambulance arrived and placed the injured man on a stretcher before driving off. The driver of the car came out and apologized profusely to the injured man. The driver had been talking on his hand phone and was not watching where he was driving. The driver agreed to pay the hospital bills. I went back home and recounted to my parents about the happenings. It had been an eventful day indeed.
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