An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Techniques Used by the Business to Plan Production and Product Development.

Topics: New product development, Product management, Management Pages: 9 (2857 words) Published: October 4, 2011
A1 an evaluation of the effectiveness of the techniques used by the business to plan production and product development.
Walkers will need to plan and develop new products within the market, therefore an evaluation of how effective the techniques used by Walkers to plan production and product development is necessary. Walkers crisps limited will need new products to survive, these products may be genuinely new or just redevelopments of older or existing products, this is one technique used by Walkers to plan production and product development. Walkers will also need to respond to the changing needs of their customers they will do this by developing flexible patterns of production in order for Walkers to achieve flexibility within the planning of production they will use certain tools:

Forecasting this will include time-series and moving averages •Inventory control, lead times and safety stocks

These are all the effective techniques used by Walkers to plan production, as these are flexible patterns. In relation to the product life cycle other methods used by Walkers to plan production and product development is to make sure that the product quality is of the highest standard. In order to achieve this Walkers crisps limited will use techniques such as TQM or Benchmarking. Walkers crisps limited will use TQM, as the aim of this is to improve the quality of everything, which Walkers and other organizations do, and to make sure that Walkers will meet the needs of their customers exactly. TQM has to be seen as the responsibility of everyone in the organization in order for it to work effectively and therefore it is a long-term change to Walkers and also any other organization with ‘nil defects’. Walkers believe strongly that if they are trying to achieve total quality there will be a need for a policy to try to encourage the development of the necessary culture. As Walkers crisps limited operate in a TQM organization it is therefore important that everyone recognizes that it is the key to the survival of the business and the future of all the people in it. In addition to this Walkers will also use benchmarking this is another technique used by Walkers to measure the performance and quality levels within their organization. Walkers will also use Benchmarking as it provides a new vision or perspective on traditional management concerns. Benchmarking is therefore a comparison of existing practices within your company to those used externally e.g. Walkers. In comparison to the other techniques, which have been mentioned above once Walkers, have introduced a product into the market it starts to go through a process known as the product life cycle.

Walkers crisps limited have already taken advantage of systems such as flextime, which obviously provides a high level of flexibility for employees. Within Walkers this technique that is used therefore proves effective in the planning of production and product development. Flexibility has the effect of people working in such businesses as Walkers to be able to fit other commitments of there’s around their work easily. There are certain benefits to Walkers for providing this and that is a motivated workforce there will be a lower staff turnover, good reputation and also the ability to attract staff and keep hold of them. Walkers have developed a production plan, as it is a description of how their core assets are to be used to develop a product in a product line. In the production plan Walkers crisps have used a variety of techniques to create products. But however the techniques that Walkers use to plan production and product development will vary from organization to organization, therefore I have created a report which will evaluate and analyze the effectiveness of the production techniques used by Walkers, this report will contain the techniques which are used and also how Walkers are able to improve upon these techniques and also which new techniques can be implemented...
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