An Evaluation of the Business and Financial Performance of Wm Morrison Supermarkets Plc Between 31st January 2005 and 3rd February 2008

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PART 1 – Project Objectives and Overall Research Approach.

1. Reasons for choosing the project topic

2. Project objectives and research questions

3. An explanation of research approach.

PART 2 – Information Gathering and Accounting/ Business techniques.

1. Sources of information from which relevant data were obtained.

2. Description of the methods used to collect information, including online access.

3. A discussion of the limitation of my information gathering.

4. Identification of any ethical issues that arose during your information gathering and how they were resolve.

5. An explanation of the accounting and/or business techniques used, including a discussion of their limitations.

PART 3 – Results, analysis, conclusions and recommendations.

Description of results obtained and any limitations

1. Critical analysis/evaluation of results which include an explanation of significant findings.

2. Conclusions about research findings and how well project objectives and research questions have been met

3. Appropriate recommendations on specific courses of action to identified individuals within WM Morrison’s.

PART 1 – Project objectives and overall research approach.


WM Morrison’s Supermarkets Plc, popularly known as Morrison’s is the fourth largest grocery retailer in the supermarkets chain sector in the United Kingdom with 12.1% market share. It is also the second largest by market capitalisation. The UK supermarket sector is dominated by Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury's and Morrisons which are the only chains which operate full-scale superstores of 40,000 square feet (3,700 m²) or more. The "Big 4" have a combined share of around 75% of the UK grocery market according to retail analysts TNS Worldpanel. ( The UK grocery retailing market was worth £134.8bn in the 12 months to May 2008, up 4.1% on the previous year.

Morrison’s was founded in 1899 by William Morrison in Bradford, England. For several years it focused its services to the north of England. The company was able to revolutionise it spread and outlook with its takeover of Safeway another leading British supermarket chain in 2004. This strategic takeover has enabled Morrison’s to extend its services to the south of England and all over the United Kingdom and Ireland. It currently has a total of 382 superstores across the UK. Ken Morrison, son of William Morrison took over the helm of affairs in 1952 at an early age of 26. Sir Ken Morrison currently holds the position of President of the WM Morrison’s Supermarkets Plc. The company is listed on the London Stock exchange and is in the prestigious league of FTSE 100 companies.

The performance of any company is critical to its survival. Performance is usually looked at from the point of view of the business and financial situation of a company. Consequently, it is very beneficial for companies to conduct a regular review of its business and financial performance. Business and financial performance of an entity are two distinct but extremely interdependent indicators of success or otherwise.

Business performance can be assessed with reference to market share, industry position, competitor activity and the Balance Scorecard. On the other hand, the financial performance of a business can be evaluated with the use of financial ratios and trend analysis. Financial ratios can be evaluated extensively using several types of financial ratios like liquidity, profitability, solvency, efficiency and investor ratios.

Reasons for choosing Topic

Evaluating the business and financial performance of a company’s affords us the opportunity to have an in...
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