An Evaluation of Ngos Working in Bangladesh on Poverty Alleviation

Topics: Poverty, Politics of Bangladesh, Poverty reduction Pages: 38 (11020 words) Published: May 2, 2010
An Evaluation of
Netherlands Funded NGOs
Working on
Poverty Alleviation

Prepared by

Rumana Afroz Roll# 01
Syed Shahnawaz Mohsin Roll# 09
Ahmed Jenan Mostofa Roll# 26
Mir Safat Newaz Roll# 32
Mostofa Ali Roll# 4
Prepared for

Professor GM Chowdhury
Course Instructor
Marketing Management (M501)
Institute of Business Administration(IBA)
University of Dhaka(DU)



Though substantial efforts are being made by the NGOs for the purpose of poverty alleviation, many a times these efforts are not adequately effective. The reasons for this ineffectiveness are many namely, lack of information, guideline and trust. To put it another way, there is a lack of proper information dissemination on the part of the NGOs in this sector. The message is not properly formulated neither is it properly distributed to the target segment. Then again, not only the NGOs but the target segment is not putting in the required endeavors to gain the assistance of the NGOs operating in this sector. In fine, we notice an acute need to fill this gap of information distribution and collection, which we believe can be alleviated by proper marketing initiatives. In order to complete this term paper, we will choose 10 NGOs which are operating in this sector. We will demonstrate how they are operating in this sector and try to chalk out their strengths and weaknesses.


This study has some specific objectives to make it effective. Broad objective of the study is to evaluate the activities of Netherlands funded NGOs working in Bangladesh. More specifically, objectives are –

1. To have an insight of the activities NGOs performing in Bangladesh; major sectors they are working on. 2. To have knowledge about prevailed poverty level in Bangladesh; its extent and effect. 3. To evaluate the poverty alleviation programs of some of the major NGOs in Bangladesh.


The position of NGOs in Bangladeshi society is quite unique. Bangladesh is home to the largest national NGOs in the world, as well as to a multitude of middle- and small-sized NGOs that operate on a national, regional or local level. The Bangladeshi NGOs literally reach out to millions of people in both rural and urban areas. This study comprises extensive case studies of a cross section of NGOs in Bangladesh. The Bangladeshi NGOs that were subject of study and their partners in the Netherlands both, Bilance (formerly Cebemo), ICCO and Novib, have been closely involved in the various stages of the study.

It is important to emphasize that the role of the case studies to be undertaken of the NGOs is to provide insights into the achievements of NGOs in Poverty Alleviation in Bangladesh as a whole. Most NGOs, and particularly the larger ones, have several donors and a range of activities. Fieldwork in any individual organization is concentrated only on a program conducted by one particular donor assistance, namely donor agencies of Netherlands, and will not attempt to assess the NGO’s overall range of activities. METHODOLOGY

Research Approach and Data Analysis

The research approach followed for this report is mainly observation and analysis of the information accumulated through observation. For the evaluation of the information a number of intellectuals, peers and experts were consulted so that the researchers could get a better insight of the information gathered.


The samples used in this report were mainly selected on the merit of their donor agencies. As mentioned in the scope section, the samples were chosen from those NGOs only which are getting assistance from donor agencies of Netherlands and The Royal Netherlands Embassy.

Data Collection, Contact Methods and Instruments used

Various printed materials of the NGOs were used for data collection. However, majority of the information was gathered from The Royal Netherlands...
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