An Evaluation of Library Databases and Resources for Use in Research

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  • Published : May 7, 2012
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An Evaluation of Library Databases and Resources for use in Research

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Tsang, Philip, Kwan, Reggie; & Fox, Roger (2006). Faculty Perceptions of ICT Benefits. Enhancing learning thru technology (pp. 1-10). Retrieved from DATABASE: (NCU Library) - Ebrary

KEYWORDS: Educational Technology, Internet in Education, E-Learning SEARCH LIMITERS: Education
SKILLS IN THIS DATABSE: This is the first time searching using this database. I encountered many problems, even though I did view the NCU library tutorial. With perseverance I was finally able to navigate through the database. I need much more experience with library searching in all aspects. I just need to be patient and spend more time in the library. Perhaps reading some of the FAQs will help as well.

Eke, Helen Nneka. (2010). The perspective of e-learning and libraries in Africa: challenges and opportunities. Library Review, 59.4. 274-290. Retrieved from results/135B3F993733E74CBF8/ DATABASE: (NCU Library) – ProQuest

KEYWORDS: e-learning, distance learning, e-learning in Africa, e-learning in developing nations
SEARCH LIMITERS: peer-reviewed, journals
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SKILLS IN THIS DATABASE: This was my first time accessing the ProQuest database. I did encounter problems gathering the desired data. I spent a large amount of time struggling with this search routine. With continued perseverance I did acquire the skill necessary to retrieve the information I desired. I felt very good about the level of knowledge gained after having completed all of the database searches. I need more experience in all phases of the search process.

Oguzar, Nkasiobi Silas, & Adebola, Helen E. (2011). Internet and e-learning technologies and the...
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