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An Evaluation of Generational Poverty

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An Evaluation of Generational Poverty

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  • October 2011
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Stacey Windon
Annette Donahue
English 111- 03A
October 11, 2011
Annotated Bibliography

An Evaluation of Generational Poverty

The relation factor to these six sources is that they all share the same topic, which is Generational Poverty. The main focus is what are the causes of generational poverty? How can it be demolished from a family’s generation? Does generational poverty exist all over the world? If so, what are the statistics?

Works Cited
Anderson, Gosta. “The Generational Conflict Reconsidered” Journal of European Social Policy Vol. 12, (2002) : 21 10-11-2011 The writer: The article was wriiten by Gosta Anderson. The author is trying to convey the crisis of generational poverty. Publication: The title of the journal is European Social Policy. This publication is designed for professionals in the sociology field. Summary: The aim of this article is very policy applied. The deteriorating trend in the incomes of families with young children is of increasing concern to both academics and politicians. Stance: The attitude of this article reflects a diplomatic approach. Use: I probably will use this article to show my readers the Sociologist and Politicians opinions in regarding generational poverty. Beegle, Donna. “Overcoming the Silence of Generational Poverty” Talking Points Vol. 15. (2003):20. 10-11-2011 http://www.talkingpoints/ The writer: Donna Beegle is president of Communications Across Barriers. She combines her personal history and her studies of education, communication, and poverty to provide unique perspective on strategies for educating students from poverty backgrounds. Publication: Talking point is a great publication for students who are interesting in doing research on the subject of poverty. This publication also has other published related articles as well. Summary: This article was very touching because it reflects how Donna Beegle actually lived in...

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